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Hindu daily calendar

For starting any Pooja in a traditional way one should know what is today? That means what is the name of the Hindu year month of the year, paksha of the year, tidhi of the day, star of the day, name of the week etc.
To know Daily Hindu Panchangam Click here.

Raasi and Nakshatram Calculator

To know general basics of your sign and star there's no need to go to an Astrologer.
If you know your Birth time , Place of birth and birth date then input the details in the following website. Click here yo know your sign and star?

How to calculate Yama gandam?

What is meant by Yama gandam?
Answer: YamaGandam is an inauspicious time in a day which sould be avoided.

Click here to calculate Yamagandam timings.

How to calculate Rahu kalam?

What is meant by Rahu kalam?
Answer: Rahu kal is a specific time in a day that should be avoided for all auspicious activities.

Click here to calculate Rahu kaalam

How to calculate Kuligai?

What is meant by Kuligai?
Answer is Starting new things in Kuligai can lead to repetition of the same.

Click here to calculate Kuligai

How to calculate free Horai?

If you want to calculate the hora or horai , Here is a good website to do that. Hora is a good timing after the sunrise where you can start new things like example: Wearing a gemstone. Hora are seven types. Here using this website you can calculate the following Hora.Click here to go to Hora calculator

1. How to calculate Soorya (Sun) horai
2.How to calculate Sukra (Venus) horai
3.How to calculate Budha (Mercury) horai
4.How to calculate Chandra (Moon) horai
5.How to calculate Sani(Saturn) horai
6.How to calculate Guru (Jupiter) horai
7.How to calculate Chevaai (Mars) horai
8.How to calculate Soorya (Sun) horai
9.How to calculate Sukra (Venus) horai
10.How to calculate Budha (Mercury) horai
11.How to calculate Chandra (Moon) horai
12.How to calculate Sani (Saturn) horai
13.How to calculate Guru (Jupiter) horai
14.How to calculate Chevaai (Mars) horai

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

downlaod Kannada panchang

Not only kanada panchang , but you can download tamil and english also. Click here to know more.

tamil festivals calendar

In this website there is a list of Tamil festivals in 2009. Click here to know more.

USA calendar or panchangam

Here is another site which contains calendars of different cities. Click here to download.